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Character Creation
Follow the link to the Character Creation rules. You may also be interested in the sections on Races, Classes, and Backgrounds.

New Skills
There are a couple new skills used in this setting.

Command (Charisma)
Sailing (Wisdom)

New Feats
There will eventually be several new Feats available to characters.

All normal, mundane equipment is available. In addition, the setting includes some special types of equipment.

Geotic Engines
Meteotl Weapons

Special Crafting Materials

Several powerful nations dominate the political scene in this setting.


Star Wisps

Eventually, there will be a description of the terrain of the Star Lanes here.
Astrography of the Star Lanes

History of the Star Lanes

There will eventually be a section detailing the different common types of ships.

New Rules
Here will be posted any new house rules, as they are added. Note that any rules here are subject to sudden and arbitrary changes, because the DM is a cruel and capricious deity.

Crew Stats

Pirate Points and Drama Points
At the beginning of each session, the Pirate Point pool begins with a number of points equal to the number of players, plus 1. Then the DM moves 1d4 of these points over to the Drama Point pool, which begins empty.

There is only one Pirate Points pool, and any player can spend points from it. A point may be spent to gain a variety of benefits. However, whenever a Pirate Point is spent, it goes into the Drama Point pool, giving the DM more ammunition to ruin your day. Each player may spend no more than 1 Pirate Point per turn. When he spends a Pirate Point, the player may select any one of the following benefits:

-Gain advantage on the next attack, saving throw, or ability check the player makes for his character.
-Add 1d6 to the result of an attack, saving throw, or ability check that the player has just made for his character.
-Re-roll any or all dice in a damage roll that the player just made for his character.
-Incur disadvantage on the next attack or opposed ability check made against the player’s character.
-Reduce the damage taken from a single attack on the player’s character to half, rounded down.
-Immediately stabilize a dying character.
-Propose a minor plot detail to the DM; if the DM doesn’t accept it, the point is not lost. This could be anything from the character realizing the guard of his cell is an old friend, to there being a small hidden ledge to grab onto in the pit the character just fell in. This detail should present an opportunity rather than an immediate benefit.

When the DM spends a Drama Point, the point immediately goes into the Pirate Point pool (after the effects of the spent point are determined), giving the players more control over the situation. The DM may select any one of the following effects:

-Grant advantage to the next attack, saving throw or ability check that an antagonist makes against the player characters.
-Incur disadvantage on the next attack, saving throw or ability check that a player makes for his character.
-An antagonist NPC or monster gets a second wind; roll a number of 6-sided dice equal to the creature’s challenge rating, and heal that many hit points. No monster may benefit from this effect more than once per long rest.
-An antagonist or monster gets an opportunity to escape the scene somehow, even if the antagonist is incapacitated or dying.
-Propose a plot detail that puts one of the player characters at some significant risk. If the player agrees, the point is spent (and, as usual, goes to the Pirate Point pool). If not, the point is not spent.

Investiture Points

There are numerous new monsters in the setting.
Star Dragon
Sun Leviathan
Void Shark

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