Renaissance firearms and explosives (pistols, muskets, bombs) are common across the star-lanes, especially in Arnheim. They are considered martial ranged weapons.

Some “modern” firearms and explosives (revolvers, hunting rifles, shotguns, and dynamite) are available, but rare and expensive, and only available from Cogister and the Wolf-Men.

Firearms Rules

Special Traits
Firearm: This weapon is considered a firearm. On a natural roll of ‘1’ on the attack roll, the weapon misfires, becoming fouled and useless until it is cleared, which uses an action.
Magazine: This weapon can hold multiple shots of ammunition. The number of shots that can be taken before reloading is listed in parenthesis, before the range. Reloading generally reloads the entire magazine.
Scatter: This weapon fires a blast of pellets that spread with range, making it easier to hit, but doing less damage. At long range, attacks gain advantage (instead of disadvantage), but the damage die type is reduced by one (for example, a shotgun doing 2d6 does 2d4 at long range).

Gunpowder is needed to load firearms and create explosives. It is a volatile powder that explodes when exposed to flame. It is generally carried in very sturdy wooden casks or powder horns.

Metal cartridge ammunition is unknown in the star-lanes. Renaissance firearms are muzzle-loaded using bullets, powder and wadding, or using pre-prepared wax paper cartridges. Cogister firearms are breech-loaded (except for revolvers), and use wax paper cartridges. Revolvers and military rifles are loaded differently, as the cylinders are removed and pre-loaded. Most revolver-users carry extra loaded cylinders.

Firearm Cost Damage Weight Properties
Pistol 60 gp 1d10 piercing 3 lb Firearm, ammunition (range 30/120), light, loading
Musket 75 gp 1d12 piercing 9 lb Firearm, ammunition (range 100/400), loading, two-handed
Revolver 150 gp 1d10 piercing 3 lb Firearm, magazine (5, range 40/160), light, loading
Hunting Rifle 150 gp 1d12 piercing 9 lb Firearm, ammunition (range 150/600), loading, two-handed
Military Rifle 250 gp 1d12 piercing 8 lb Firearm, magazine (5, range 100/400), loading, two-handed
Shotgun 150 gp 2d6 piercing 9 lb Firearm, ammunition (range 20/50), loading, scatter, two-handed
Ammunition Cost Notes
Gunpowder, 5 shots 3 gp
Powder Horn 1 gp Can hold 20 shots of gunpowder
Bullets, 5 5 cp
Shotgun Shot, 5 shots 5 cp
Cartridges, 5 5 gp
Empty Cylinder 15 gp Can hold 5 shots, takes 4 gp worth of materials to load fully
Explosive Cost Damage Radius
Bomb 15 gp 3d6 bludgeoning 10 feet
Dynamite 5 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 5 feet


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