Victoria (member: Victorian)
Species: Humans
Style: England, circa 1700
Ships: converted seagoing ships
Government: Hereditary feudal monarchy
Ruler: Queen Elspeth III
Language: Victorian

Ybarra (member: Ybarran)
Species: Elves (high elves for nobility, wood elves for commoners)
Style: Spain, circa 1700
Ships: living, sculpted crystal trees
Government: colonial empire ruled by military council
Ruler: Admiral Helena
Language: Ybarran

Arnheim (member: Arnheimer)
Species: Dwarves (hill dwarves for the shallow clans, mountain dwarves for the deep clans)
Style: Prussia
Ships: Stone and iron fortresses
Government: coalition of clans represented by an elected chancellor
Ruler: Chancellor Wilhelm
Language: Arnheimer

Cogister (member: Cogisteri)
Species: Gnomes (rock gnomes for the city Cogisteri, forest gnomes for colonists; for gnomes, hunting rifles, revolvers and shotguns are considered martial weapons)
Style: steampunk
Ships: complex technological marvels
Government: representative republic ruled by an elected council
Ruler: Prime minister Godwin
Language: Cogisteri

Jotun (member: Jotnir)
Species: Orcs and Half-Orcs
Style: Vikings
Ships: patchwork longships
Government: loose coalition of competing clans
Ruler: several dozen war-jarls
Language: Jotnir

Valakhya (member: Valakhyan)
Species: Shades (as drow elves, but not considered elves, replace dancing lights with friends and faerie fire with command, replace proficiency with hand crossbows with proficiency with poisoner’s kit)
Style: Eastern European
Ships: baroque, gothic spires
Government: hereditary feudal monarchy
Ruler: Prince Vladmir
Language: Valakhyan

Ruama (member: Ruami)
Species: Halfling (lightfoot for nomadic, stout for settlers)
Style: Romani
Ships: towed trains of curtained wagons
Government: none; each caravan led by an elder
Ruler: none
Language: Ruami

Meteotl (member: Meteotli)
Species: Dragonborn (color describes ancestry and patron dragon deity)
Style: Aztec/Mayan/Incan/Olmec
Ships: living dragon-like animals
Government: none currently; formerly religious empire
Ruler: none (last ruler was High Priest Heatuma)
Language: Meteotli

Karaduin (member: Karaduin)
Species: Carapin
Style: Arabian nights flavor nomad
Ships: none
Government: independent clans united by shared faith
Ruler: Sheikha Qudma, pilgrim of the Prophet
Language: Karaduin

Beastman Compact (member: Beastmen)
Species: Leopard-Men, Falcon-Men, Wolf-Men, Rhino-Men, and others
Style: various cultural styles depending on home world
Ships: none
Government: none (each member nation has its own government)
Ruler: none
Language: Victorian


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