Crew Stats

Crew Creation
After creating characters, the players together create their crew. A crew has stats much like a character.

Crew Level: begins at 1, and goes up each time the campaign level goes up.

A crew’s basic stats are ferocity, mobility and discipline. Each starts at 1. At level 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20, all stats increase by 1. For each stat, there is a save difficulty that is equal to 12 plus the stat.

Morale is the equivalent of hit points. Maximum morale for a crew is equal to 10 plus Discipline, and each level after the first increases by 3 plus Discipline.
Defense is equal to Mobility plus 10.
Combat is equal to Ferocity.

Ship Class
Corvette: Mobility +1
Dreadnought: Discipline +1
Warship: Ferocity +1

Crew Role
Marauder: Ferocity +1
Privateer: Mobility +1
Corsair: Discipline +1

Merchant: Mobility +1
Military: Discipline +1
Criminal: Ferocity +1

Crew Stats

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