Investiture Points

Significant magical items are rare in the Freebooter setting. However, player characters tend to run across them. Players may exercise some control of this process by using the Investiture Points system.

A player character gains his first Investiture Point when he achieves 2nd level. He gains another point at levels 6, 10, 14 and 18.

A player may ask to spend an investiture point whenever his character is in a situation to find a magical item or gain some other long-lasting special benefit. The DM, if he agrees to allow the spend, should arrange for the circumstance to grant the character some powerful item or significant long-lasting benefit. For example, a ship’s crew has just defeated a vicious marauder who has terrorized a remote settlement for years, and boarded his ship. The wizard’s player states that he is spending an investiture point. The DM may have the wizard find a potent magical staff in the marauder’s treasure-room. Alternately, he could have the people of the settlement declare the wizard their hero, and offer him the position of their leader, giving the character a homestead that provides safety and revenue.

Items that are gained through spending Investiture Points should be of significant use even as the character rises in level. They are generally permanent items, but can be powerful one-use items, in which case they are counted as lost after they are used (see below).

If an Investiture (an item or advantage for which a player has spent Investiture Points) is permanently lost, the character is refunded the point spent on it at the end of that session.

Following are some suggestions for Investitures.
*The character gains a steadfast ally, who may either be a companion who will follow and assist on adventures, or will remain behind and take care of local business for the character.
*The character is granted land and a title, to do with as he will.
*The character gets a stake in a merchant company, which will pay out dividends as long as the company is successful.
*The character becomes the leader of a town, guild or military unit.
*The character gets an enchanted tattoo inscribed by a master artist, which grants some permanent benefit.
*The character gains the blessing of a deity for whom the character has done a favor.
*The character is promised a one-time favor by an influential noble.
*The character is simply lucky in a way that defies logic, which provides a specific permanent benefit as long as he follows some rule. For example, as long as you never turn down a dare, you gain advantage on any skill check that unnecessarily risks danger or death.

Investiture Points

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