Character Classes
All character classes from the main Dungeons and Dragons core rules are available. There will also be new archetypes available as I go along.

Barbarian Primal Paths
Path of the Dervish

Bard Colleges
College of the Star-Dancer

Cleric Divine Domains
Traveler Domain
Dragon Domain

Druid Circles
Circle of the Mask

Fighter Fighting Styles
Firearms Fighting Style: You never suffer misfires when you use firearms with which you are proficient.

Fighter Archetypes
Gladiator Fighter Archetype
Marine Fighter Archetype

Monk Monastic Schools
Brawler Monastic Tradition

Paladin Sacred Oaths
Oath of the Hospitaler

Ranger Archetypes
Navigator Ranger Archetype

Rogue Archetypes
Courtier Rogue Archetype

Sorcerer Sorcerous Origins
Laneweaver Sorcerous Origin

Warlock Patrons
Dark Lord Warlock Patron

Wizard Traditions
Engineer Tradition


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